What to do when the weather sucks

Here in Virginia, we are in the grip of a long and annoying winter.  I want to get outside and play alongside my kids so bad that I’m cranky, and I’ve found – like everybody else – that I am completely OVER winter.

Here are a few ideas to break the mental malaise imposed by a particularly looooong winter:


1.Get to the gym.

I hate gyms. Want a typical gym routine? Here ya go — lift heavy object, put it down, lift heavy object, put it down, lift heavy object, put it down.

Bored yet?

But, besides being horribly boring, the benefits of exercise have been documented ad nauseum in about 750,000 pages of evidence. Stand up and go.

Right now.

2.Look at picture of laughing babies.

Yeah, tough guy, I’m serious.  When you look at something beautiful and funny, you can’t help but feel lifted. When I’m particularly pissy, I head to youtube and load up laughing babies. It works. Here’s one for free:

laughing baby

3.Cook for your friends and family.

We tend to spend more time inside during winter time, so your job is to not make your family crazy.

Instead, channel that negative energy into a great, little get together and feature Taco Night or something. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just good with lots of laughter.

Recently we did this with friends who had a baby (see above picture), and it worked wonder to fire up the grill in the middle of ANOTHER snow storm that blew in from the butthole of Mephistopholes.

4. Feel the love.

That’s right. I’m talking about your feelings.

Right now, write down 3 things you’re extraordinarily grateful for. I do this nearly every morning, and it helps frame even the coldest days for me. By doing this type of mindful activity, we’re forced to look beyond the snowplow that just barricaded my mini-van.


See? Don’t you feel better already?

You’ll be outside and on your bike soon enough. The truly hardcore don’t care about snow — but that’s not me anymore.

By taking a few moments to reflect and take care of your mind and body, then the snow cannot crush your soul. Stay warm.

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