WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer Review

The WeeRide Co-Pilot bike trailer is the best option for parents looking to introduce their kids to the basics of two wheeling in a safe and friendly way!

WeeRide Co Pilot Bike TrailerThis child bicycle trailer is not only easy to assemble and attach onto the standard adult bike, but also one of the top recommended trailers on a majority of bike trailer comparison websites.

When you decide to purchase this trailer, you don’t have to be a proficient mechanic to set it up with ease.

The adjustable seat and handle are easy to fix, and are suitable for different riders according to their age.

Once you put your kids on their new Co-Pilot bike, they will enjoy superb safety from the orange flag (fitted behind the seat), which allows other road users to take note of the trailer.

The WeeRide Co-Pilot offers your kids the same experience as a normal bike, only this time they won’t have to face the hassles and risks of starting off on a conventional two-wheeler.

If you tow your youngsters along for a ride, it is easy to control the trailer’s speed by braking, when maneuvering curves or corners.

Even though the trailer has an easy to detach co-pilot control system, you will still man how your kid is riding while at the back.

Your kid’s comfort will not be compromised in any way.

The adjustable seat comes with extra padding for comfort, which makes your kid want to ride all day long. If you need to detach it, the dismounting process is easy, and the handles retract easily.

This creates flexibility for storage, even in a limited space.

Other than the flag to enhance visibility, the WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer comes with illuminant black and silver colors, which make it easy to spot and the best bicycle trailer.

Your kid will enjoy improved safety from the 20-inch wheel diameter, which offers extra grip on any surface.

You won’t have to worry about the type of your adult bike; the WeeRide Trailer is compatible with most standard bikes, making it the best whole family ride companion.

Standout Features

The WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer has numerous features, which make it the best bike trailer(s) for any smooth surface.

The innovative mounting design makes assembly almost effortless, while the front splash guard increases safety.

You won’t have to sweat to dismount, and you won’t need any technical training to detach the trailer from a standard bike, to hit the road without your kid in tow.

The strong steel frame is able to support up to 70lbs in weight, and is suitable for kids up to the age of 9.

Even if you have the dominant control over speed or braking, your little one will still be able to pedal and move easily.

Weighed alone, the trailer’s entire frame is only 24 lbs.

WeeRide Co-pilot bike trailer specifications

  • Easy turn pin connection
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Free wheel design
  • Quick-release folding connector
  • Four-bolt stem
  • Anti-splash fender
  • Colors: Pink, White, Green

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