Trail Gator Bicycle Tow Bar in Black, Red, or Blue REVIEW

When you want to liven up a family bike ride adventure, get the Trail Gator Bicycle Tow Bar and let your kids enjoy the experience.

Trail-Gator-Tow-BarThe Trail Gator Tow Bar comes in brilliant range of colors including black, red, and blue.

The good thing about the trail bar is that you can hitch the kid’s bike on to your adult bike while still allowing your little one to knock himself out with pedaling and coasting.

If the ride proves tiring for your kid, he or she can relax and enjoy the pedal free ride as you cruise to your destination.

This is definitely a crucial biking accessory you should look out for when undertaking a bike trailer comparison.

Trail Gator Bicycle Tow Bar review

The Trail Gator Bicycle Tow Bar has several advantages.

You really don’t have to beat yourself over storage; the tow bar can be easily dismantled and transported.

Other than converting the kid’s two-wheeler into a trailer mode ride, the bar can be clipped onto the adult bike frame for storage.

With limited space, the bar is a no-brainer.

There isn’t much you need to know when it comes to assembling; the instruction manual is easy to understand.

Once the kid’s bike is converted into a trailer, you won’t have to worry about the handlebars or overall control since they are held firmly in place by a stabilizing bar.

What really makes the trail gator tow bar a cool bike accessory is the ease of hitching the kid’s front wheel to about 5 inches from ground level.

This helps to avoid unwanted incidents.

The frame is ideal for your kid until he/she outgrows the 70 pounds weight load capacity.

With the Trail Gator Tow Bar, you will have a cheaper option of towing your kid along.

The latest Trail Gator Tow Bar model comes with a reinforced build with a sturdy link bracket and a stable handle bar bolt for improved safety.

The adaptable steel link allows hitching to standard adult bikes without additional connections. You will find the quick release fixture handy when you want to unhitch your kid for an independent ride.

The product comes with a reliable 12-month warranty. Additionally, you will receive quick response and advice from their customer service team.

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Useful Tips

Bike Tow Bar PictureThe Trail Gator Tow Bar could offer additional benefits if it were reinforced to cater for kids with a weight of up to 100 lbs.

Other than this, the bolts, which fix the trailer on tow, should be carefully reinforced to avoid incidents of brackets loosening during riding.

Remember, you will need to ensure that all bolts and brackets are tightly fixed to avoid sudden dislocation or detachment, which could lead to accidents.

Standout Features & Specs

Once you get the Trail Gator Tow Bar, you will find some outstanding features that make the tow bar the best bicycle trailer(s). You will enjoy being in tandem with a connection on the 12 or 24 inch kids bike with utmost safety.

Even though the tow bar is made of sturdy steel, it is only 5 pounds and offers enough tensile strength riding on most surfaces.

The quick release option makes it easier to either mount or dismantle it for a solo ride.

In addition, there is a functional center pull brake feature, which will definitely come in handy if you want to fix the bike with center pull brakes.

  • Compatible with 12- to 20-inch tires
  • Sturdy steel build
  • Storage bracket provision
  • Quick-release latch
  • Allows pedal-free coasting

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