The Best Bike Seats For Toddlers In 2021

List of top 3 front-mounted and 3 rear-mounted bike seats for toddlers.

BikingiBert T Safe Child Carrier is a fantastic way to get around, whilst also helping you stay in shape.

As fun as it can be to hop on your bike and go for a ride, it becomes a little more difficult once you add kids into the family recipe.

Before you decide to put your bike up for sale, consider that there are ways to still get around on two wheels, and all without having to find a babysitter.

Listed below are 6 of the best bike seats for toddlers, which we have split into front and back of the bike options.

2021 best bike seats for the front of the bike

These are probably the best option for parents riding with younger kids, generally between the age of 10 months and 3 to 4 years old. It allows you to keep an eye on the little one in front of you, whilst also allowing for closer interaction.

The placement of the bike seat means that you essentially have your arms wrapped around your child, which is sure to be comforting for both of you.

One of the major benefits of using this type of seat is that they tend to be very easy to attach and remove on the front stem of your bike.

The one major drawback is usually that you give up a certain level of control over the steering of the bike, as the seat has its center of gravity over the front wheel.

You may also need to spread your legs a little wider when pedaling to avoid contact with the seat, but these are issues that you tend to get used to the more you use the bike with the seat attached.

Infant & toddler front bicycle seats

iBert T Safe Child Carrier1. iBert safe-T-seat

While the makers of the iBert safe-T seat recommend this product for kids aged 12 months and up, it should be fine for any little ones in the 9 or 10 month range who are able to hold up their heads even when they are wearing a bike helmet.

The maximum weight on this one is 38 lbs, but you have to stop using it before the child reaches that weight if they have particularly long legs.

Bike seats don’t get any easier to install than this one, as a simple cotter pin is used to hold the bracket in place. No other parts are necessary other than those already provided.

If there is a negative, it’s that the harness is only a 3-point as opposed to a 5-point.

There is also not a great deal of support on the back of the seat.

You can get this toddler bike seat for under $100.

2. WeeRide Kangaroo LTD

WeeRide Kangaroo LTDPadded front bike seats really don’t come much more comfortable than the WeeRide Kangaroo LTD.

There is a lot to like her, including a 5-point shoulder harness and adjustable foot holders that are perfect for hen your kids go through a growth spurt.

Most users have suggested that 3 is the maximum age for kids in this seat, especially if they are on the tall side.

This seat may not look the cutest, but it’s as safe and comfortable as it gets.

Usually priced at $99, but we have seen it as low as $69.

3. Yepp Mini

If you know anything about the Dutch, it’s that they love to ride bikes, so it’s no real surprise that a Dutch company are the brains behind this amazing bike seat for kids aged 9 months to 3 years (33 lbs).

The highlight of the Yepp Mini is a comfortable seat that is covered in a water-resistant material that is incredibly easy to keep clean. The seat can be locked to your bike, and it also comes with footrests that can be adjusted to fit your growing child. The Yepp Mini comes in a variety of different colors, and also features a 5-point safety harness.

This seat sells for around $159.

Rear mounted bike seats for toddlers

Once your kids outgrow the front seat, they can be moved to one mounted in the rear, and there are some excellent choices.

1 Topeak BabySeat II

This rear bike seat is made specifically for bikes that don’t have a rear rack. Highlights include a rear reflector, a wrap-around body, a roll bar handle, and an excellent suspension system that delivers a smooth ride for kids aged 9 months and up. Weight limit on this on is 48 lbs, or 55 lbs with rack weight.

This is not a seat that is particularly easy to install, so you will want to put it on the bike you will be using all the time. The seat comes with a mount rack that makes it easy to get the seat itself on and off when not in use.

This one runs for about $179.

2. Yepp Maxi Easyfit

If you have a sturdy rear rack on your bike, the Yepp Maxi Easyfit is as easy to mount as the name suggests.

Installation is fast and easy, and the seat comes with a 5-point safety harness and soft shoulder pads.

If you already have the Easyfit window, the seat can be mounted directly.

If you don’t have it, the carrier can be purchased for $36.

This seat can be purchased for $199.

3. Yepp Maxi

This is the next step up from the Easyfit, and it can be used without having a rear rack in place.

The Yepp Maxi can be mounted on seat posts between 28 and 45mm, and is perfect for kids aged 9 months to 6 years, weighing up to 48 lbs.

There are a number of different colors to choose from, but before you buy, make sure that you have at least 4.5-inches of seat tube for the seat to be properly mounted.

The Yepp Maxi comes in at around $229.

There are plenty of other choices available at a wide variety of different price points, but we believe that these are the top bike seats for toddlers.

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