The Tough Bastard Gets Born

workoutRight now, somebody is hauling her ass up a hill wishing to God to make it stop.

But, that’s the worst possible scenario — stopping. I hate to get so personal so fast, but is that what you want your kids to see? Do you want to be THAT mom or dad that CAN’T?

I doubt it or you would have already hit the back button on your browser…

Listen, I get it. Doing something everyday to improve yourself, your community, or your family is relatively easy, but you know what’s easier? NOT doing it.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit. – Aristotle

liar tough workoutEvery year the badass part of you lies dormant for a spell, but eventually the Tough Bastard needs to be reborn and breathe.

This is the hard core of you that thinks crashing through rainstorms is funny, 12 mile runs are normal, and hauling your kids to the Safeway the hard way is the only way possible.

Here’s a little secret: the world needs the Tough Bastard back. You’ve been hiding too long, and it’s time to mount up and do something you hate the most but also need the most. Improvement is constant failure. Get over it.

Here’s my challenge before you today — this week do one thing you think is lying in the “impossible locker.” In other words, do what’s right. My guess is that you already know what it is.


Here’s the catch — you’re not allowed to compare yourself to ANYBODY. After all do you think anybody ever got anywhere worthwhile by simply wishing it into existence?

Let me know how it goes.

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