Newbie’s Accessory Guide to Safe Bike Commuting And Trailing

You’re not seriously thinking about just up and selling your car, jumping on your Huffy, and riding off into the bike commuting sunset are you?

Well — good on ya!

But, before you do anything as radical as actually spend time outside while simultaneously saving the world, you might want to spend the next 5 minutes considering some of what we think are the essentials…

1. Best Safety Bike Helmet

Yeah, I know.  I didn’t wear a bike helmet either as a kid. In fact, I think I heard about a kid from another town wearing a helmet once, so we all rode our bikes over there just to make fun of him — without our helmets.

But, here’s the thing:  almost three-quarters of fatal cycling accidents were due to head injuries.

Of those 97% weren’t wearing helmets. Do we need to go further?

Just wear the freakin’ thing already — those dorks from elementary school maybe were on to something.

Also, the dorky science types have figured out that the TYPE of helmet you wear makes a difference.

This is not the time to go bargain shopping. Why? Because your noggin’ can’t take the floggin’ (see what I did there?)

Here’s a good one.

Best Bicycle Helmet

Giro & other helmets -from $40 – $179

(click here)

2. Top Bike Lighting

Eventually you’re going to need it — especially if you intend to do anything even remotely beyond recreational cycling.

There a lot of different types of bike lights, but they’re really built for two reasons:
to see or to be seen.

Ideally, you’ll need one that does both.

Now, if you ride insanely fast, you’ll need a more powerful light because you don’t want to out ride your illumination.
This one should cover about 90% of you:
Best Bike Light

Light and Motion Urban 200 and Vis 180 Bike Lights – $119

(click here)

3. Emergency and Tire Repair

Believe me, bike commuting will quickly lose its luster the day you’re late for work and you have a flat tire.

Everybody on the road should be capable of fixing a flat.

If not, you’d better be damn good at hailing a cab.

You don’t need anything fancy — just something that you can use to quickly get you back up and running.

Check it out:

Bike tire repair kit

Genuine Innovations G2507 Tri-Road Tire Repair (only $29,99)

(click here)

4. Best Bicycle Locks

I’ve had two bikes stolen — mostly because I’m really stupid and trusting.

But, if you come to rely on your bicycle as a means of real transportation and not just a fun fixture in the garage that you never actually ride, then you NEED to protect your investment.

I don’t believe there is anything that is 100% foolproof, but any good bike lock will automatically come with a certain level of insurance in the event that your bike does get stolen.

By the way, you do have renter’s insurance right? Good.

Best Bike Locks

Blackburn Leavenworth Bicycle U-Lock – from $39

(click here)

5. Best Bike Fender

Yeah, okay — I made this mistake thinking that fenders were stupid.

But, the day you show up to work looking like the south end of a northbound mule because you failed to attached a $15 piece of ass-saving plastic, you’ll regret it.

Please. Trust. Me.

Top-valu bike fender

Quick Release Fender- $15

(click here)

6. Cell Phone Holder

This is piece of plastic is super handy when you’re on a ride with your bike and your kid sitting in the bicyvle trailer.

It improves your safety when cycling.

Check it out and find the pricing by clicking the link below the picture.
Best cell phone holder for bike

One-Touch Bike Mount Holder – from $19,99

(click here)

Bike Safety Check Conclusions

It’s a lot of stuff, I know.

But, if you’re serious about you commuting or using your bike in a much more utilitarian fashion, this stuff will get you rolling safely and effectively.

Really, it’s designed to keep things as hassle free as possible because it’s proven that people will avoid things that are inconvenient.

Anything that prevents you from rolling your bike is our enemy, so make sure you’re prepared mostly for inconvenience and weather that you’re not normally used to dealing with.

Most of all — HAVE FUN!

Cycling is supposed to be fun and a bit magical, so don’t over think this.

If you don’t have just the right gear, then just improvise something.

The important thing is to get going.

Take care, and let me know how it goes!

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