Original Doggyhut Medium Dog Bicycle Carrier – Review

Whether it’s your huge Labrador, German shepherd, or the tiny Chihuahua, the Original Doggyhut Large dog Doggyhut Medium Pet bicycle Carrier Blue bicycle carrier will make the trip a memorable dog affair.

If you have wanted to take your dogs out, big and small, but you have been weary of their size, get a medium-sized pet bike trailer, and have a swell time with canines in tow.

As a pet owner, you have always wanted to include lots of activity for the dogs.

With this trailer, your dream will have come true.

You can take the bike ride for exercise, and have the dogs take in the breeze inside the spacious Doggyhut bicycle trailer compartment.

This is probably one of the highly acclaimed best bicycle trailer(s) for your pet ride.

Original Doggyhut bike trailer review

Planning a rendezvous to the park, the Doggyhut’s dog bicycle trailer will allow you to shuttle the dogs to the venue, without having them sweating it out on the long walk.

This trailer gives you the benefit of space, such that you don’t have to leave your pets behind.

Blue-Dog-Trailer-For-BikesOnce on board, the dogs will enjoy a cozy ride without having to worry about harsh weather elements.

The strong steel framework is able to withhold a substantial load, while the water resistant fabric on the bodice will ensure the dogs are dry if it rains.

The nonslip flooring makes sure your pets can stand comfortably, especially when you open the overhead cover.

You will not stress over getting your dogs inside the Original Doggyhut Medium bike trailer.

There is a convenient zippered opening on the back that helps you put your dogs in easily.

Don’t fret over setting up the Original Doggyhut Large Pet Bike Trailer; no tools or technical expertise needed to hitch it on your bike.

The stabilized interior adds to the safety, while the meshed sides allow the dog to enjoy the view. Don’t worry about cleaning the anti-slip flooring; it is removable for easy clean-up.

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Remember to acclimate your dog to the Doggyhut Large Pet Bike Trailer before taking him out for an actual ride.

You don’t want to risk a panic stricken pet causing mayhem during a cruise through town.

Standout Features

Using the Doggyhut Large Pet Bike Trailer as one of the best bike trailers on the road is made easy with a number of standout features.

Since you will be able to hitch it up even without tools, the universal hitch coupler is handy and compatible with most bikes.

DoggyHut Medium Pet Bicycle TrailerLike other reputable trailer brands, the Doggyhut Large Pet Bike Trailer is easy to fold up and store.

The trailer’s capacity is strengthened by the presence of a solid steel frame, which can withstand a heavy load weight without sagging.

Your Original Doggyhut Large Pet Bike Trailer will easily accommodate a maximum weight of 90LBS.

The pneumatic wheel allows your dogs to enjoy a bumpy free ride, regardless of the surface or terrain.

The leash harness points make sure the canine is secured and cannot jump out in the middle of traffic.


  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Water-resistant 600d polyester flooring
  • Non-slip leather inlay
  • Zippered back door

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