Best Single-Seat Bike Trailers For One Child (2019)

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One of the most exciting and gratifying moments for a parent is when they teach their little ones to ride a bike.

While you generally have to wait a few years before getting your kid on two wheels, you can still take them with you on your own bike adventures.

Our top choice among single child bike trailers in 2019

Sunlite Trailer Tot Single ST.


Cycling is one pastime that has never gone out of style, and most major cities have miles and miles of bike trails just waiting to be explored.

Having a kid doesn’t mean having to hang up your bike helmet, but it does mean maybe buying a bike trailer for kids so that they can join you while you are out and about.

These types of trailers look almost like sidecars, although they are generally made of fabric as opposed to the steel ones that hitch to motor bikes.

They also attach to the real wheel of the bike and ride behind you rather than on the side. There are an amazing number of brands and models to choose from, which can make things a little confusing.

The first step in breaking it all down is deciding whether you want a bike trailer for kids with one compartment or two.

We will talk about those with double compartments in another post, but for now, let’s take a look at single compartment bike trailers.

Who would most likely use a bicycle trailer for 1 child?

There are a number of reasons why someone might settle for a single compartment bicycle trailer over the other options. The most common of these is likely to be the budget.

The smaller trailers are likely to be less expensive, whilst still having all the essentials that your little one needs in order to be both safe and comfortable.

Another reason may have something to do with a little bit of trepidation on the part of the parent. They may be unsure as to whether their child will like riding in the trailer, and the parent may even have concerns about their own peace of mind when hauling their child behind them.

In those cases, you won’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money on something that might never get used more than once or twice. A smaller trailer is a better way to see if this is something you will all like. You can always upgrade later on!

Finally, a single child bike trailer is perfect for those parents who only plan on having one kid, and who only go short distances on their bike rides. They won’t feel the need to have extra space where they can load all sorts of different items for the ride ahead.

What to look for in a single compartment bike trailer

As mentioned earlier in this piece, there are an incredible amount of bike trailers to choose from.

We really do recommend doing a little bit of due diligence and side by side comparison shopping, as this will help you choose the bike trailer for kids that is perfect for your own specific needs.

That said, there are a few things to look out for that should be considered a must, and they include:

  • Safety features – Before a bike trailer can be made available for sale in the US, it must meet very stringent safety standards. While every trailer is safe, there are some that go above and beyond to protect your precious cargo. Take a look at the sort of materials used to build the trailer, as well as things like harnesses, the type of attachment, the wheels, and a host of other details that all add up to make the trailer as safe as possible.
  • The brand – Just like with cars, trailers are made by different manufacturers. Some are pretty new to the trailer game, while others like Burley and Schwinn have been in the business for years. It’s always a good idea to go with a brand you know and trust.
  • Protection – You will want your little one to be protected from the elements yet still able to get fresh air. Make sure that the trailer is as water resistant as possible, and that it has vents that allow fresh air to circulate through as you ride.

These are just a few of the things you should be paying attention to when you are shopping for a bike trailer.

Don’t just choose one that looks nice or that fits your price range!

Take some time to compare features of different single child bike trailers and read the real customer reviews. You’ll be glad you did!