Best Double-Seat Bicycle Trailers For 2 Kids In 2021

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If you are a family that loves to explore the great outdoors, you are probably trying to think of fun activities that everyone can enjoy.

Most people with smaller children will often simply dismiss cycling, as the feeling is that taking a toddler along would be just too much hassle.

There are bike seats available for kids that attach to the back of the bike, but they offer little in the way of protection, and there is nowhere to put the diaper bag or toys that you are probably going to need at some point during the day.

Things get even more complicated if you have more than one child that is not quite at the age where learning to ride a bike has arrived yet.

There is the perfect solution just waiting for you, though, and it doesn’t have to be one that sets you back a small fortune.

The bike trailers for 2 kids is becoming a very popular addition for families that love to hit the bike trails, but who have been unable to do so since a new little one arrived on the scene.

There are certainly plenty of different trailers to choose from, and you can even get one that has double compartments so that you can carry more stuff with you if need be.

Recommended bicycle trailer for 2 kids

Schwin-Echo-bicycle-trailer-2-kidsThere are a plethora of child bicycle trailer available on the market, so we have tried to find a product that delivers the best mix of quality and price.

This is the one that we recommend, the Schwinn Echo Kids Double Tow Behind Bicycle Trailer.


Who would most likely use a double-seat bicycle trailer?

The obvious answer to that question would be families who have more than one young child that they would like to take cycling, but there are more to these types of trailers than just that.

It is certainly a good place to start talking about the benefits of double compartment trailers, especially since lots of families like to have their kids in pretty quick succession.

This can certainly hamper your adventure plans but with a good quality double bicycle child trailer, you can load up both kids and have peace of mind in knowing that they are safe back there, and have plenty of space to move around in.

Parents who only have one child can still get plenty of benefits from a double compartment trailer.

As we touched on earlier, going out with a young child generally means having to also carry a bag filled with snacks, diapers, toys, and possibly even a change of clothes in case of accidents.

All of that can be tough to carry when riding a bike, but the extra space in the trailer can be used for just that sort of cargo.

What to look for in a double compartment bike trailer for kids?

If you are going to make this sort of investment, you will definitely want to be sure that you get a trailer that is built to last and which perfectly suits your specific needs. Different parent will have a different list of features which fit that bill, but here are just a few to consider:

  • Weight Restrictions – All bicycle trailers are built to carry a very specific weight. Going over and above that is dangerous and can in fact hurt the structural integrity of the trailer. Always check to see what the maximum load capacity is before buying. It’s always better to go over and above what you currently need, especially since you little one is going to grow.
  • Functionality – Are you happy with just a bike trailer or do you want something that can do a little more? It will certainly cost you a little extra, but you can get trailers that convert into strollers so that you can use them even of you don’t feel like taking your bike with you. If you have limited space at home or in the car, you may want to look for a trailer that is collapsible and which has removable wheels for easier storage.
  • Safety – It doesn’t matter which type of trailer you want or what you require it to do, safety should always be your first concern. You can never have too many safety features, so look for trailers that go above and beyond. Burley is an excellent brans in this regard, as they were part of the group that created the bike trailer safety standards that are in place today.

If you take the time to look at all the different bike trailers for two kids out there and what they have to offer, you really shouldn’t have a difficult time finding one that has all the features you need, and which also comes at a price that you can very easily live with.