Review: InStep Sync Single Bike Trailer In Green/Gray Color

When you are looking to spruce up the experience for your little ones on that epic bike triler ride, make it happen with the InStep Sync Single bike trailer!

This is the perfect road companion for your kids, when you decide to pedal down your favorite road trip route.

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This kids bicycle trailer is designed in a sleek manner to fit your kid, and is a good match for small spaces.

InStep guarantees a trailer that improves relaxation and performance, when you want to tow the toddler for a ride.

What’s even better about this toddler bicycle carrier is that you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth.

It is made using top-notch materials, such as steel and metal for the bodywork.

What’s good about the InStep Sync bicycle trailer?

  • affordably priced; great value

When you buy the InStep Sync Single Bike Trailer, you get a lot more than you probably bargained for.

The trailer comes fitted with an easy to mount-dismount frame, and easy to remove wheels.

It also comes with a full manufacturer guarantee on durability and safety.

Once you get your very own InStep Sync single bike brailer, you will definitely enjoy the multi-use canopy, which acts like a weather shield and a bug screen, so your kids can have a smooth ride.

The unit has a spacious storage space behind the kid’s seat, and is handy for storing baby gear or foodstuff, if you are heading out for a picnic.

The easy set up and straightforward user manual makes it easy to assemble, mount, and be on the road in no time. The metal and steel hull ensures the baby is supported without incidences of bumping on the road surface.


The InStep Sync Single Bike Trailer has its sides built with plastic. However, this can be upgraded with a steel bodice, to consolidate strength and safety.

Fitting the trailer with a transparent screen will do away with the hassle of having to fix a double canopy, to protect against the weather elements and insects.

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Standout features & specs

Since the InStep Sync single bike trailer comes so highly recommended on a variety of bike trailer comparison reviews, it has a number of standout features, making this trailer a product that could be worth your investment.

Other than the dry and comfortable ride, your kid will be assured of easy transportation, once unhitched from the bike.

The durable cast iron rim wheels provide additional support for a smoother ride. The carrier doesn’t jerk often, even when you turn sudden corners. Your children will love the ride!

If you are on tarmac or on pavements, the comfort is outstanding. Don’t forget the universal coupler, which will work on almost any bike.

The InStep Sync Single Bike Trailer also comes with a reliable steel frame with additional space and hook-on wheels, which give you the extra leeway when you have to store it away.

  • Multipurpose bike trailer
  • Simple fold down design
  • Two-in-one safety canopy
  • Universal bike Coupler
  • Durable Cast steel frame
  • 12 months InStep product warranty

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