This InStep Sierra Double Bike Trailer Can Be A Stroller Too

Have you tried to tow your kids along on a bike trip with no success? Well, guess what?

Instep Sierra Double trailerThe game just changed with the Instep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer.

This is one of the best bicycle trailers.

This top-rated bicycle trailer is highly acclaimed and incredibly sought after by families who want to get outdoors.

With certified accreditation from top quality assurance providers, this trailer proves to be durable, safe and a great option, even when riding in some unfamiliar and rough terrain.

Don’t fret about biking to your local market with your babies in the tow. You can simply switch from trailer to stroller in no time, and walk through your favorite locale, stress free.

The Sierra Double Trailer offers you greater control, given the reliable rubber nonskid grips on the handles. Whether strolling or trailing, the comfort is just awesome.

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While the trailer is almost multipurpose, the storage is still easy and manageable. Just unhitch the trailer, dismantle, and fold for storage.

You will find it handy for squeezed spaces. While riding through rough terrain, the detachable 16-inch wheels are ideal, and enhance a bumpy free ride. The parking brake on the stroller is handy, as you saunter on the sidewalk.

The Instep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer has an easy set up. Just fix the universal coupler on the adult bike, and off you go.

Bicycle Trailer For Twin KidsIf you are hitching it with a quick release axle, you will need practically no tool to mount it. You need no technical knowledge, and you will find the instruction manual easy to follow.

Your baby is more than comfortable, given the added padding for increased comfort and leisure.

There is a multi use canopy, which doubles up as a weather shield and a bug shield too. Like seat belts in your car, there is a 5-point safety fastener, which consolidates your kid’s safety and protection.

The steel hulk is able to hold two kids with a load weight of up to 100 lbs without sagging.

The Instep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer measures up to the highest standards on the bike trailer comparison ratings in most bike trailer reviews.

Instep guarantees product warranties for over 12 months, and ensures you and your kids can enjoy quality performance for an incredible value. If you are conscious about the colors, the trailer sports various shades to complement your taste and design.

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Standout Features & Specifications

The Instep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer boasts of several outstanding features, which make it and outstanding choice for the best bike trailer for you.

The stroller kit on the trailer comes with a swivel design wheel, and a reliable rubber bar with excellent grip.When the trailer is a functional stroller, use the parking brakes to enhance safety.

The kids will enjoy extra comfort from the improved padding and cozy finish on the Sierra Double Bicycle seats. There is a spacious room behind the trailer’s seat to accommodate additional items, foodstuffs, or kids play items.

The safety flag and rear wheel reflectors add to the safety on the road.

  • Rubber handle grip
  • Safety flag
  • Wheel reflectors
  • Parking brake
  • 80 lbs load capacity
  • Universal bike coupler
  • Weather shield and bug screen
  • Detachable wheels
  • 33.08 lbs

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