InStep Quick N EZ Double Bicycle Trailer Review

The InStep Quick N EZ double bicycle trailer is one of the best-selling double kid bike carriers!

Here’s the reason why.

InStep Bicycle Trailer Orange Gray ColorIt is a superb value offering quality at a very affordable price!

Taking your bike on the road for joyful rides is an awesome idea, but having the chance to tow your kids along is mind-blowing.

The InStep Quick N EZ bike trailer makes this dream come true!

This quality trailer comes with simple set up and installation instructions, making a family bike ride a stress free and enjoyable experience.

This no tools assembly bike trailer sets the bar far beyond a regular bike.

We could easily call it the best value child bike trailers for two kids!

Worth Buying?

Thumbs UP for this In Step bike trailer!

High quality, affordable price –> great value! P.S.

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InStep Quick N EZ review

  • Affordable pricing, this piece is a great bargain!
  • Many trailers that we have compared here at the cost between $200 – $600, so InStep serves up a great product for not a whole lot of money!
  • When you want to hit the road, you practically need no tools to hitch it up. Instructions for assembling and dismounting are straight forward.
  • This trailer is made with top quality materials, which guarantees durability and make it one of the best bicycle trailers on sale today.

InStep Quick N EZThe Quick N EZ Double Bicycle Trailer is compatible with most bikes, and has generous storage room, where you can store a cooler for drinks or snacks, while you’re on the road.

This is perhaps one of the best-value bike trailers and great for larger families.

It has enough room to accommodate two children with up to 100 lbs carrying capacity in weight.

The kids will enjoy the comfort of the secure sling style seating, and a bug screen to keep away insects or bugs.

The Quick N EZ consolidates the comfort design of the bike with shock-proof 16-inch wheels, making your children’s ride a much smoother experience.

Take advantage of free shipping offer for orders, from the manufacturer in different seasons.


This is really designed for recreational, family use, so if you’re looking to do some serious hauling, you’d be better served with a larger, more purpose-built trailer.

  • Though Quick N EZ Double Bicycle Trailer is a reputable brand, rated as one of the best bicycles trailers, it may not be suitable for rough road surfaces.
  • You may find it bumpy to tow the kids on trails and beaten paths.
  • Once your kids outgrow the 100 lb. weight allowance, you may be forced to look for alternatives.

To accommodate kids up to three years old, you will probably look for a stronger and a more spacious design on bike trailer comparison websites.

instep-double-attachedThe trailer’s bottom will need to be tightened and strapped up to avoid it sagging.

Unfortunately, this can make it a bit uncomfortable for children who are sitting back there.

Since the Quick N EZ Double Bicycle Trailer is made to fit on average adult bike frames, it can be adjusted to better suit your individual bike.

Standout Features: The Quick N EZ Double Trailer is made with unique specifications, which makes it a perfect option for a stroller or bike.

The InStep bike trailer comes equipped with a swivel design front wheel and handle bar. You will find the adaptable 2-in-1 canopy, which acts as a weather and bug screen convenient for your kids.

The trailer also comes fitted with a tow arm and coupler, which is compatible with many bikes. You will find that the trailer brakes are exceptional, especially when you want to convert it to a stroller.

The detachable and easy to assemble 16 mm wheels add to the comfort of the ride.

Short on space? No problem.

This easy to fold bike trailer model saves you plenty of storage space.

The multi-use harness, safety flag, seat belts and wheel reflectors add to the safety and security as you carry along your precious cargo.

InStep Quick N EZ specs & warranty

  • 16-inch pneumatic tires with cast rims for improved road performance
  • Quick release wheels
  • Standard adult bike compatibility
  • Steel and metal framework
  • Tight grip rubber tires
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

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