Weehoo iGo Two Trailer Cycle Review – Ultimate Joy For 2 Kids

Review of the iGo Two bicycle trailer (manufactured by WeeHoo brand).

More and more families are ditching the car in favour of the 2-wheeled form of transport, but that can create a problem when you have little ones.

Many of the kids bike seats and trailers that are on the market are just not that comfortable, which means constantly having to stop your ride to check on the little ones in back.

This was the problem that Stephen Rodgers had with his kids, which is why he invented the Wehoo brand of bike trailers for kids.

If you want a quiet ride with the kids in tow, the Weehoo brand is the way to go.

Let’s take a look at one of their most popular models, the iGo Two by Weehoo.

Many bike trailers on the market are made for single family kids, but the iGo Two is the perfect option for those who have a couple of little ones.

While the design is somewhat similar to the iGo Pro, this model adds an extra 11 inches so that a second seat can comfortably be included.

The alloy seats are mounted onto a lightweight steel frame, which means the extra weight is not going to be that big a factor when you are pedalling.

It’s a modular set-up that allows for the removal of the second seat so that a cargo basket can be added. Perfect for when one of your kids outgrows the trailer, or for when you want to haul a little extra cargo.

The tire on the 20-inch wheel is puncture resistant, with the whole set-up secured to the frame using a common 15mm axle nut. This makes for easy removal for storage or when repairs are required.

Perhaps best of all, your little ones can add their own pedal power, since the wheel is linked to the iGo’s crankset. You don’t have to worry about them getting their clothing or digits caught in the chain, as it fully enclosed.

The trailer is incredibly easy to attach or detach, so you won’t waste a bunch of time fiddling around, which means more fun times on the trails.

The fabric of the WeeHoo iGo Two Bike Trailer is available in a single color option, and weighs in at 44 pounds.

The seat fabric can be easily removed and washed by hand (do not machine wash).

The trailer can carry children with a combined weight of 100lbs, and the front seat is best suited to the larger of your two children.

Weehoo iGo Two Trailer features & specs

  • A safe, comfortable ride for kids, but they can also help out by adding a little of their own pedal power.
  • Kids aged 2-9 will fit comfortably, thanks to easy adjust seating. Maximum weight limit for the individual seat is set at 65 lbs, with a combined weight max of 100 lbs.
  • The addition of the iGo pedal system allows your kids to get a little bit of exercise without their safety being hampered.
  • The trailer is sturdy enough to handle all kinds of conditions, and your kids will be comfortable every time.
  • Dimensions: 51 x 7 x 26 inches; 28.7 pounds.

Having a kid or two does not mean that you have to give up your love of bike riding.

Now you can bring them along with you, and there is no better way to do that than the iGo Two by Weehoo.

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