How To Help Your Dog Adjust To The Bike Trailer

Help Your Dog TipsDogs are a lot like humans in that they are often resistant to change.

That is why you need to give a dog some time to get used to the idea of riding in a bicycle trailer.

Your pets are sure to be a little wary at first, but they will eventually get the hang of it.

Here are the 6 essential tips that should help things go a little more smoothly:

#1. Leave your dog bike trailer open at all times so that your furry friend can go in and out as he pleases. Leaving some treats in there might help lure him in. Applying the brakes so that the bicycle trailer does not move every time the dog goes in and out should help as well.

Who knows, your new bike trailer may end up becoming a kennel, as well as a place where dog can sit to go biking with you.

#2. Before heading out on a trip, wheel the trailer over to a door or window. Your dog will then associate being in there with going outside, which is exactly where most dogs want to be anyways.

#3. Be sure to offer up a reward every time your pet makes positive progress with the trailer.

#4. Your first trips with the pet in the trailer should be short and to locations that are quiet. It may be a bit of a weird experience for him when you first take him out, so don’t make it worse by taking him to a spot that is crowded and loud.

#5. You will want to make the trailer a place that I both comfortable and familiar to him. Think about adding his favorite toy or blanket to the interior.

#6. Letting your dog go in and out of the trailer of his own free will is great, but you should only ever put him there when you are ready to go out. You want him to associate the action of being placed in the trailer with the enjoyment of getting to go outside.

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