GMC Denali Road Bike 700c Review, Specs, Price, Tire Size

The GMC Denali road bike is a high quality, entry level road racing bike.

GMC Denali Road Bike ReviewEverything about it screams speed, from its lightweight, all-aluminum frame to its high performance Shimano Revo Shifters and high quality Shimano derailleurs. 

All of the alloy components goes in to make the Denali road bike weight exactly what it should be in order for it to be a competitive road racing bike.

The tires and rims are also designed especially for racing, with the rims being made of an high strength and lightweight alloy.



GMC Denali road bike specs

  • Lightweight, yet durable all-aluminum frame
  • Special 700c road racing inspired tires and Vitesse alloy rims
  • High quality Shimano Revo Shifters and Derailleurs
  • Lightweight full alloy brake calipers and actuator levers

GMC Denali colors / sizes

  • 700c large
  • 700c medium
  • 700c small
  • 700c X-small

The GMC Denali road bike colors: black/green, all red, black/pink

Would this 21-speed road bike work for someone who is around 5-feet tall?

Unfortunately, the large size 700c GMC Denali racing bike is a bit on the tall side and would be rather awkward and not very comfortable for someone who was right around five feet tall.

It would be recommended that you look at the one of the smaller variations of this bike. This is especially true if you would be planning on it being a bike you would use for longer rides.

Would anything about it make it a bad choice for someone who weighs 250+ pounds?

The GMC Denali Road Bike 25 inch Large is the biggest version of the Denali Road Bike and its high strength construction and large rims and tires makes it much more stable.

With that said, there is no real reason why someone who weighs 250 pounds or more would have any trouble riding this specific bike.

Would it be recommended as a commuter bike for work?

One of the biggest limitations of this bike would have to be the seat.

It is not really all that comfortable and if you were planning on it to be a commuter bike, we would highly recommend the first thing you do is swap the seat for a much more comfortable one.

Review conclusion

The 2017 GMC Denali road bike would make a really good starter bicycle for someone who is wanting to get into cycling.

It is extremely sturdy and will be able to hold up against the harsh conditions of riding on today’s roadways.

It is also priced quite affordably so it could be easily used as a beginners bike. If this sounds like it would work for you, just follow the blue / yellow link above and see more about it for yourself.

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