DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer – 2021 Review

Who said you can only tow your kids for your bike ride?

DoggyRide TrailerYou can bring your dog too, and let him enjoy the breeze and scenery with the DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer!

Whether it’s a shopping rendezvous or a ride in the park, your dog will be comfortable and safe, cruising in the DoggyRide Mini.

This particular bicycle trailer is specially made for small dogs, to allow them to feel like part of the fun together with the family.

This creatively designed pet trailer is one of the top-value bicycle trailers made with your doggy’s welfare in mind. It is not only a trendy trailer, but it is efficient and enviable.

What’s more is that you don’t have to worry about mounting or dismounting, once the party troops back home.

Your little doggy will be grateful, once you set him inside the DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer ready for the road.

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Review + Benefits

Whereas you can convert your baby bike trailer into a stroller, you will enjoy the same with the DoggyRide Mini.

There is a discretionary provision to convert it in a matter of seconds. Strolling with the dog through the mall never got this easy.

If you don’t want to bike with your pooch in tow back home, it is easy to have the dog in the car since the trailer’s cabin is as good as a car seat or a portable pet crate.

The bodice is made in a compact manner such that it is safe, convenient, and secure for your dog or cat.

The quick single release pin mechanism makes it easy for you to dismantle, when you want to store the trailer.

It comes with the quick release wheel function, which makes storage or conversion to stroller even easier.

The interiors of the DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer are made with scratch resistant material.

  • Your dog will be secure from scorching sun and unwanted heat; given that it has a meshed screen to allow proper viewing, sunscreen, and fine fabric to consolidate the dog’s comfort.
  • The ventilation system keeps out dust and excess wind, which makes air circulation during the ride easy.
  • You don’t have to worry about your dog running or bolting out. The doggy mini trailer is fitted with four leash holds to keep the dog under control.

Whereas it may be a trailer for the dog, you will enjoy the experience with the catchy color designs that come with the DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer.

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Standout Features

When you get the DoggyRide dog trailer, there are several attractive features that make your dog tow enviable.

The trailer has a flexible tow bar, that makes hitching and mobility easy.

You will enjoy having the non-slip cleanable bottom, and the detachable mechanism will enable you to fold it up quickly without tools.

Don’t worry about road safety when your dog is on tow. There is a safety flag on the trailer to help other motorists see the buggy.

When you need a bike trailer comparison with your canine bike ride in mind, check out the DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer, and leave your neighborhood feeling the envy.


  • UV resistant 600 denier nylon
  • Powdered steel frame
  • Rain screen
  • Front and side mesh panels
  • Compatible tow bar arm
  • In-built leash set

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