Best Bike Trailers For Small Dogs 2021

Bicycle tralers for smaller dogsFollow this link to find a list of top-rated bike trailers and carriers for smaller dogs in 2021!

Owning a dog comes with great responsibility, which for many means treating him like he is one of the family.

As such, your small dog shouldn’t be left behind when you and the family decide it’s time to go out and have some fun.

Biking is one great way to do that, and with a high-quality bicycle trailer for small dogs, you furry friend can come with you whenever you feel like having a little bit of two-wheeled fun.

If you are in the market for a bike trailer for a mini dog, you have probably seen that there are plenty to choose from.

Things to consider when buying a bike trailer for mini dogs

1. Size and weight – In order for your dog to be comfortable in the trailer, he needs to have space to sit, stand, turn around, and lie down. That means picking a trailer with the internal dimensions to accommodate that. Larger dogs create a lower center of gravity, which means a trailer with a wider wheelbase is required.

2. Intended use – How often are you planning on using the trailer, and where will you be taking it. Answer these questions before deciding how much to spend.

3. Cleaning and storage – If you want to take the trailer with you on extended trips, you will want that can be folded down and easily stored away. Dogs can be messy, so look for a trailer that has removable flooring for easy cleaning. Do you want the trailer to be multi-functional and perform as a kennel, too?

These are all things to think about and which will help narrow your search. If you go to and perform a search for a “bicycle trailer for dogs” you will get a large list of items. You can start to narrow the search by entering specific details about the type of trailer you want.

Small Dog Bike Trailer4. Access – Is your dog still young and agile, or old and slow? The trailer you choose should have an opening that allows him the easiest access possible based on his age and fitness level.

5. Brand – It’s worth paying a little extra in order to get a trailer made by a brand with a solid reputation in the industry.

6. Safety standards – Depending on where you live, the trailer should meet the safety standards for your region (American Society for Testing and Materials or Europe TUV/GS safety standards).

7. Frame design and warranty – If your dog weighs in excess of 80lbs, you will need a trailer with a low center of gravity and wide wheel base. More width can be added by choosing a trailer with a perimeter frame. This adds more strength to the trailer, but also makes it a little tougher to get into areas where space is tight. If you plan on hitting the trails, make sure the trailer is designed to withstand bumpy, uneven terrain. Look at the length of warranty for an indication of quality. Warranties can run anywhere from 30 days to lifetime.

8. Safety features – Does the trailer come with a harness for your dog? Does it have a hitch with a safety strap? Does it have separate compartments for cargo and your dog? Does it have an automatic braking system, which is a necessity if you plan on take the bike and trailer into hilly areas? The more safety features the trailer has, the better.

9. Wheels – Quality counts, which is why spoked alloy wheels are better than plastic wheels. The larger the wheel size, the smoother the ride your puppy is likely to have. 26”/28” wheels are a good choice if you plan on taking longer tours.

Conclusion: Hopefully, the tips published here have made your research easier and you have found a bike trailer of your choice! Let your small dog enjoy biking rides as much as you do!

Best-known mini dog bicycle trailer brands

  • Croozer
  • Booyah
  • Solvit