Big Size Bike Trailers For Large Dogs 2021

Bike Trailers For Larger DogsFollow the link below to find a list of best bicycle trailers for large dogs!

Ask the average person what their favorite breed of dog is and you get a rather varied selection of answers.

Some people prefer smaller breeds that are lap dogs looking for constant attention, while others prefer big dogs that the kids can ride around room on like a horse.

Ok, so we would never recommend that you actually do that with your dog or kids, but there is no denying that larger breeds are as popular as ever!

With bigger dogs comes bigger responsibilities, with getting them around high on that list of potential issues. If you and your family are active types who like to hit the bike trails, you probably find that getting your dog to come along can be a real challenge.

You don’t really want to leave him at home, but loading up the car with bikes, gear, the family, and an oversized bag is a chore that no-one really looks forward to.

The good news is that there is now an excellent option available to those that love to ride their bike and spend time with their large dog. We are talking about bike trailers for dogs, as they are an excellent addition to an active family with a big dog who likes to be a part of the action.

Now that you know such a thing is available, you are probably ready to hear more about them. This will be especially true if you have just performed a Google search for large dog bike trailers.

What you probably got was page after page of results showing trailers of different shapes, sizes, and more importantly, price points.

It can all be a little overwhelming when you are just trying to decide on a single trailer, which is why we have some tips that will help you choose the perfect dog bike trailer.

Buying a bike trailer for large dog (8 things to consider)

1. Weight & size of a bicycle trailer

The best bike trailer for your dog is one that can comfortably accommodate him when he is inside. What that means is that there has to be room for him to sit, stand, lie down, and even turn around, just in case he wants a better view of what’s going on around him.

With a big dog, you will also want a trailer that has a wider wheelbase to accommodate the low center of gravity that your big boy will create when inside. Measure your dog in all direction so that you can be aware of the type of space he needs to be comfortable.

2. How the trailer will be used

The amount of money you spend should probably be on a par with how much you intend to use the trailer. If, for example, you are off on bike trips every weekend, you may want to spend a little more to get a top of the line model.

If, on the other hand, your trips are irregular at best, you might want to spend a little less, while still looking for a quality made trailer.

3. Cleaning and storage

Large dogs have the capacity to carry a lot of dirt and shed a ridiculous amount of fur. That can lead to a bicycle trailer that gets very messy, very quickly. The easiest way around all of this is to opt for a trailer with a removable floor that is easy to clean.

As far as storage goes, a bicycle carrier for a larger dog is likely to be pretty sizeable. As such, you should probably look for one that can be folded down for easier storage.

Alternatively, you could also choose a dog bike trailer that has removable wheels. Not only will this make it easier to store, it will also allow you to use the main compartment as a kennel or bed for your big dog.

4. Ease of access

If you are buying a bike trailer for a big dog, you will want to make sure that it has an opening that is large enough for him to get in and out of comfortably. There is no point in paying for a trailer that has an opening made for a poodle when you have a Great Dane sitting at home.

5. Bike trailer brand & safety

While these two things don’t necessarily go hand in hand, you will most likely find that the most popular brands of bike trailers for large dogs are the ones with the best safety features. After all, there has to be a reason why they are the top choice among so many dog owners.

Regardless of brand, the trailer you choose should meet the safety standards for your part of the world (American Society for Testing and Materials or Europe TUV/GS safety standards).

6. Safety features

In order to meet the standards laid out by those safety organizations, trailers need to have a number of different features in place. The most obvious of those is a safety harness to help keep your dog in the trailer.

Another one to look out for is safety strap for the hitch, just in case the trailer comes unhooked for one reason or another. An automatic braking system, as well as flags and bright markings are also a good idea for the pet owner with safety in mind.

7. Frame design and warranty

As mentioned earlier, larger dogs will need a cycling trailer with a wide wheel base and low center of gravity. A perimeter frame on the trailer will add another level of strength, which might be necessary when transporting a larger dog around.

This can make it tricky to negotiate tighter spaces, but the benefit is that the ride will be easier and your dog will be more comfortable. The type of warranties that are available will run anywhere for 30 days to the lifetime of the trailer. How you plan on using it will likely help you decide which type of warranty best fits your needs.

8. Bicycle trailer wheels

The better the wheels, the smoother the ride for you and your dog. If you opt to go with larger wheels on a bicycle trailer, you are pretty much assuring a smoother ride for your dog.

Spoked alloy wheels are way more durable than plastic wheels and should be what you choose if you plan on taking the trailer off road.