How Bicycles Can Save the World (Infographic)

New UN report on climate change says affects could spiral "out of control" TIP: How you could easily help the mother earth? Instead of riding in a car, use cool bike trailers to move your cargo or bring up your kid to school! List of top bike trailers for kids: Schwinn bike trailer for kids InStep double bike trailer As if saving Continue Reading

The Tough Bastard Gets Born


Right now, somebody is hauling her ass up a hill wishing to God to make it stop. But, that's the worst possible scenario -- stopping. I hate to get so personal so fast, but is that what you want your kids to see? Do you want to be THAT mom or dad that CAN'T? I doubt it or you would have already hit the back button on your Continue Reading

Which Bike Trailer Is Ideal For Your Child

baby in bike trailer

Buying bike trailers for kids - not quite as simple task as it looks! Click here to research KIDS bike trailers The first bike trailer I bought I spent about 47 seconds deciding what to get. Needless to say, I no longer have that bike trailer even though it set me back about $300 I can't knock the trailer itself -- it was a Trek Continue Reading

What to do when the weather sucks

laughing baby

Here in Virginia, we are in the grip of a long and annoying winter.  I want to get outside and play alongside my kids so bad that I'm cranky, and I've found - like everybody else - that I am completely OVER winter. Here are a few ideas to break the mental malaise imposed by a particularly looooong winter: 1.Get to the gym. I hate gyms. Continue Reading

Your Car or Your Life – with WSJ infographic

best bike trailer

Just came across this very telling infographic and accompanying Wall Street Journal article detailing the true cost of owning a car. More and more, people are waking up to the fact that car ownership is a raw deal! With the eruption of car-sharing and ride-sharing companies and services, car manufacturers should take heed. Of course, Continue Reading

Cool Car Fantasy vs. Serious Car Reality


The miracle of photoshop is not a miracle in the real world! I get it.  I really do. People have to make money, and I can't fault anybody for trying to market a product they put so much blood, sweat, and tears (oh, and money) into. If we have to drive, then we may as well drive something nice, right? Sure. But, the miracle of Continue Reading

Some of the Best Uses of Bike Trailers EVER

This sleek teardrop bike trailer design is reminds me of a cool air streamer trailer.  This thing looks super fun and chic.

Before you dive into a news article that reveals some of the coolest uses of bicycle trailers ever, take a look at the three different options you have, when in the market for a bicycle trailer: Trailers for dogs (find prices on trailers for small and large dogs here) Kids bicycle trailers (choose the top-rated trailers here) Cargo trailers Continue Reading