Best Mini Bike Pumps Under $100

Topeak Mini Bike Pump

There is nothing quite like the feel of being out on your bike and feeling the wind and fresh air on your face. That wonderful feeling of freedom can quickly turn to consternation when you discover that your ride is becoming a little rougher due to a lack of air in your tires. Pricing & real consumer reviews... There are a lot of Continue Reading

Photos Of Cool Canoe And Kayak Bike Trailers

Sup Bike trailer

These top-quality bicycle trailers allow you to pull your kayak, canoe or sail / surf boards with your bike! Your shortcut to: best deals on bicycle trailers with up to 20% savings ( Brief intro: When you are the outdoorsy type, the last thing you want to do is be tied to your car all the time. The problem is that Continue Reading

2017 Black Friday Deals: Burley Bee Bicycle Trailer

Burley Bee

If you have been in the market for a kid bike trailer, but have found that the pricing is a little too much for your modest budget, we may just have a 2017 Black Friday deal that you are going to love. Pricing + real consumer reviews at Why run out and fight the crowds at the mall when you can shop at Amazon and get your Continue Reading

Awesome Infographic on Public Bike Transport


Here's a visual treat for you today, kids! This infographic shows us some of the resources available for discovering some major cities and comes to us courtesy of As we know, more people are figuring out that driving (especially in urban areas) makes absolutely no sense. It's safer, and makes for a much more enjoyable Continue Reading

Bikes Build Legacy


Never before in the history of doing something awesome have we had so much readily available opportunity to reverse so much damage in our world. When you ride your bicycle, what you're doing is deferring toxicity. Plus, think about it -- the more bikes you see "choking" the roads, the more of a pain in the ass it is to drive around. Enough Continue Reading