Difference Between The M-Wave and Aosom Cargo Trailers

May I ask please, what is the difference between the Aosom, and M-Wave cargo trailers?

There are half-a-dozen or so other trailers which look quite similar, all of which seem to be made in China, and are for sale at Amazon.com at the moment.

Some of them are quite reasonably priced, whilst others seem to be massively over-priced.

At the moment, I am using a converted kiddie-trailer, to which I have added a plywood floor, and 3mm Correx sheeting pop-rivetted to the sides.

Many thanks for your time! Kind regards, David H.


Yeah, David… that’s a really good question.

I can honestly say that for the money, I’d go with Aosom unit.

I think that there a differences in the thickness of the material used in the frame, but that being said, I can’t imagine you’d be lacking much.

This depends, of course, on how much/how frequently you intend to use it your cargo trailer!

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