Photos Of Cool Canoe And Kayak Bike Trailers

These top-quality bicycle trailers allow you to pull your kayak, canoe or sail / surf boards with your bike!

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Brief intro: When you are the outdoorsy type, the last thing you want to do is be tied to your car all the time.

The problem is that enjoying outdoor adventures often means hauling a lot of gear.

With more and more people ditching the car in favor of a bike, companies are getting better at finding ways to haul that gear, with all kinds of bike trailers now available to attach to your 2-wheel ride.

There are trailers for your kids and your dog, and there are now even kayak bike trailers that allow you to get your favorite mode of water transport around without having to drive your car down to the waterfront.

You might imagine that a top quality kayak bike trailer would be a rather large piece of bulky equipment, but the fact of the matter is that they aren’t really any bigger than any of the other types of bicycle trailers that we mentioned earlier.

The design of most of these trailers is actually pretty basic, and consists of nothing more than two components.

The first is a towing tee that connects the front of your boat to the universal joint of your bicycle. The send part is the trailer itself, but this is more than just a cart with wheels.

The cart section of a kayak bike trailer is generally adjustable so that kayaks of various sizes can fit snugly so that they will not move around when the bike is in motion.

Since the cart sits below the middle of the kayak, you end up with a totally stable ride that doesn’t make you feel as though you are hauling something of any great weight.

The better models are aluminum and lightweight, with oversized alloy wheels that are rugged enough to handle even the roughest of terrain.

While these types of trailers are described as kayak bike trailers, they can usually also handle surfboards and paddle boards with relative ease.

The fact that the cart is adjustable means that a variety of different watersport items can be hauled with your bike.

Furthermore, you can purchase kayak bike trailers that are designed to handle multiple pieces, which is a great idea if the whole family likes to head out to the water for a little bit of fun.

The average kayak bike trailer comes in at under 10 pounds, but is usually able to handle upwards of 70 pounds, which is more than enough to haul a kayak around.

As you might expect, the overall weigh and capacity of trailers that are designed to haul multiple pieces is sure to be a little more.

Pricing is also incredibly affordable, as you can get your hands on a quality trailer for less than $200.

That really is a small investment to make for a piece of equipment that adds a whole new dimension to your outdoor fun.

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