WeeHoo Brand & Joyful iGo Bike Trailer Series Introduction

Stephen Rodgers invented a new bicycle trailer that made his kids yell WEEHOOOOO the first time they rode in it.

That was where the WeeHoo bicycle trailer brand was born.

WeeHoo Bicycle TrailerRodgers founded WeeHoo Inc. back in 2008, and released his first products in 2010.

The idea for the bike trailers came while on a family vacation in the Colorado Mountains. He did not like the trailers that he was using at the time, and his kids hated riding in them.

He used a little bit of brain power, as well as bike experience and a history of chemical engineering, to build the first Weehoo bicycle trailer in his garage.

The trails became his testing ground, and the family loved the experiences they were getting from using the trailers he had made.

Four years after the fact, it seems that kids and bike lovers everywhere are screaming “weehoooo”, as the trailers are now sold in over 25 countries.

3 well-known products that the WeeHoo brand has on sale worldwide

iGo PRO by Weehoo

iGo PROThe riding experience delivered by the iGo Pro really is second to none.

You will not hear any complaints out of the kids when they are riding along in this trailer.

Whining and cries of boredom are a thing of the past, which means you can enjoy the ride just as much as your kids do.

iGo Venture by Weehoo

iGo Venture By WeeHooBike trailers don’t come much more versatile than the iGo Venture Trailer.

There is a single seat in the trailer, with plenty of cargo space located behind the seat. This allows you to pack some picnic gear, or maybe have room for some groceries.

Additional storage is available via seats pockets and panniers, as well as the cargo basket.

iGo Two by Weehoo

iGo Two by WeehooA great bicycle trailer for families with a pair of small kids that have a combined weight of less than 100lbs.

The seat in back is meant for the smaller child, usually up to the age of 4, while the front seat easily accommodates kids of up to 7 years old.

The rear seat can be removed to create a single seat trailer than can hold a child of up to 80lbs.

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