Burley Tail Wagon For Dogs Review – 6 Essential Benefits

Burley Tail Wagon review – the perfect bike trailer for dogs!

Burley tail wagonDo you have a family pet that you would love to bring along with you when you enjoy the great outdoors?

Does doing so means having to load up the car with your dog, whilst also trying to get your bikes onto the roof rack of the car?

This is all well and good if you are going on a longer road trip, but it’s enough to make you leave the dog at home when all you want to do is go for a bike ride through the local park.

There is no need to leave him there, though, when a quality dog bike trailer makes it possible for him to come along and enjoy the ride.

Burley Tail Wagon – well trusted brand

If you go searching for dog bike trailers, you are going to find a wide variety of brands, styles, and prices.

While budget is sure to be a concern, you should also make sure that you go with a brand that is a trusted name in the industry.

We are talking about the safety of your pet here, so choosing a brand that has been around for years, and who were active in creating the safety measures that need to be adhered to with bicycle trailers is a good idea.

That is why Burley have become the brand that so many people turn to!

As mentioned, Burley’s Tail Wagon for dogs is one of the top-rated bicycle trailer models, as it has everything you need and more when looking for a product that is safe, comfortable, convenient and quality built.

Each of their Burley trailers comes with a list of standard features that are sure to be the envy of many other brands out there.

A good many of these features are in regards to safety, which is no real surprise when you consider that Burley played a major role in creating the strict standards that exist for bike trailers today.

What we are interested in here, though, is the Tail Wagon, so let’s take a look at what you get with that.

6 benefits of the Tail Wagon bike trailer

  1. One of the biggest benefits of this particular dog bicycle trailer is that it comes with a 75 lb. load capacity, which means it is perfect for small and large dogs.
  2. It also has a flip-down tailgate that makes it easier for your furry friend to get in and out.
  3. The 16-inch spoked alloy wheels are able to withstand surfaces that are less than smooth, which means a safe, comfortable ride on terrain that is not paved.
  4. There is plenty of air flow going through the trailer, thanks to the mesh windows. That makes for a nice, cozy spot for your pooch.
  5. The trailer also has a number of handy pockets that allow you to pack away a few of his favorite toys.
  6. The floor can be removed for easy cleaning, and the whole unit can be folded down, which means it’s incredibly easy to store when not in use.

Worth buying? Sure Yes!

Burley Tail Wagon for dogs comes with a host of other features and accessories and is set at a price that is incredibly affordable given what you get.

If you are in the market for a high-quality dog bike trailer, you will be hard pressed to find anything as good as this piece on wheels!

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