Burley Bike Trailers – Perfect For Kids, Pets And Cargo

Burley Dog Trailer

If you are in the market for a top bicycle trailer brand you can trust, you may want to look at Burley!

They have been on the business for over 35 years, during which time they have gained a reputation as a brand that delivers the best products in quality, durability, and safety.

Burley has been able to thrive in a competitive market because of their ability to deliver a product that is a cut above the rest in all the important areas.

With their wide selection of quality bicycle trailers, you can be sure that your kids, pets, or cargo is safe at all times.

Burley bike trailers (types & models)

Burley manufactures different types of bicycle trailers. They may be best known for kids bike trailers, but they also offer top quality products for your furry friends.

Check their latest bike trailers on sale.

Burley bicycle carriers for kids

  1. Bee bicycle trailer review – read it here
  2. Honey Bee
  3. Encore
  4. D’Lite
  5. Solo
  6. Cub
  7. Rental Cub

Burley bike trailers for pets

  1. Burley Tail Wagon – read the review here

Burley bicycle trailers for cargo

  1. Nomad
  2. Flatbed

Burley bike trailers for traveling

  1. Travoy

Meet ASTM Standards

Burley Logo

Burley have been around since 1978, making a whole array of family cycling products that meet and excel the safety standards set forth by the ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials). In fact, Burley were part of the group that created those rigorous standards.

Rather than resting on their laurels, the manufacturer has spent the past 30 plus years looking for ways to innovate and make their products better and safer.

Stability is assured with a Burley trailer, as the positioning of the axle at the rear of the trailer makes for a much less unsteady ride. The trailer is also better able to follow the path of your bike, courtesy of the unique hitch and tow bar design.

Each and every part in a Burley trailer is made to exacting standard and will deliver years of use.

This makes the re-sale value excellent, and you can easily expect to fetch 50-75% of your initial investment should you decide to sell your Burley trailer years after you bought it.

Burley have developed a reputation for delivering quality, which means that if you see their name attached to a trailer, you can count on it being of the highest standards available.

That is backed up by a limited warranty that comes with every single trailer that the company produces. Simply mail in the warranty card that comes with your product, or fill out your information online at the official Burley website.

As mentioned before, the brand played a major role in establishing the standards set out by the American Society of Testing and Materials – ASTM.

They use only the best materials to create their trailers, and rigorously test each one before making it available to you the consumer.

Having a pet or child in your bike trailer means that you are carrying precious cargo, and when that trailer says “Burley” on it, you can ride with peace of mind that your cargo is totally protected.