Top 37 Bike Accessories For Your 2021 Cycling Adventures

List of 37 best-looking and most innovative bicycle gadgets and accessories for your cycling adventures in 2021!

The bicycle has been around, in one form or another, for centuries, yet it has remained a popular mode of transport throughout that time.

Different fads may come and go, but the humble bike always remains, serving as the perfect ride for people of all ages.

It’s fair to say that the bicycle is now more popular than ever, as people try to escape their cars and find less stressful ways to get around.

The fact that more and more people are looking to get in shape is also a reasons why bikes are once again booming, with all kinds of cool bike accessories now available to add on to your ride.

1. Bicycle Planter ($45)

Bike Planter

You don’t need to take your bike to the trails to get back to nature when you can bring nature to your bike with this cool little planter. Just be aware that having a sunflower in there may mean restricted vision.

2. Glow Bike Series

Glow Series Bike

3. Retrofitz Bike Shoes

It’s important to be seen when you ride, and there are some bike gadgets that make that more likely than others. The Glow Series of bikes are about as bright as it gets, and will make you look like a character from the Tron movies.

Retrofitz Cycling ShoesYou want to look cool when you ride, which means getting some clothing that looks great, but which is also comfortable. You can save yourself a few bucks by using Retrofitz to turn your old sneakers into bike shoes.

4. If you like a little music on the go, you will love the boomBottle. This little unit may look like a standard water bottle, and it will fit in your holder, but it cranks out beats rather than water. Just don’t dehydrate when you dance.

5. The recent rise in the popularity of bikes has been driven by the hipster crowd, many of whom prefer the old school look. Their idea of the perfect bike gadget would be the addition of these wooden handlebars.

6. If you are going to go fully old school, then this little striped bell should help you achieve that.

7. Functionality is always good when looking at cool bike accessories, and the Statement Bicycle Rack serves as a place to store your bike off the ground and a pretty decent looking piece of wall art.

8. If you prefer something a little tastier than water when you ride, think about adding the 6-Bottle Bike Bag to your handlebars. We recommend soda, but we won’t tell if you stick one beer in there.

9. There is no need to ever get lost again when riding the bike trails. Add the iPhone mount to your bike and you can use your phone as a GPS device.

10. LED lights are all the rage on cars nowadays, and now you can have them for your bike. Revolights can be added to your wheels so that you are bright and visible at night.

11. Many people are ditching the car keys in favor of the bike when heading to work. That means having to make some space to carry all your stuff, which the Default Commuter Bag does perfectly. Plenty of pockets, and waterproof, too.

12. While a backpack may be fine for some smaller items, you are going to need something a little more substantial for larger cargo. A bike trailer is the perfect addition for those things, which can even include your kids and pets.

13. While most bikes come ready made, the Sandwich Bike gives you the opportunity to get your hands a little dirty. This is certainly a delicious little treat for those that like DIY projects.

14. A helmet is one of the most essential bike accessories out there, but it can be a clumsy item that is hard to store. A folding bike helmet takes care of that, allowing ladies to put them in their purse.

15. While you can’t yet buy this cool bike accessory, the Springtime pack is a handy little device that serves as both a picnic basket and table. Combine this with your 6-pack bottle holder and you have a mobile restaurant at your disposal.

16. Bike thieves are always on the prowl, and there are few ways to protect your bike that are cuter than the Kotori Bike Lock.

17. Hauling a pack on your bag can get uncomfortable after a while, which is why the Bedrock Handlebar Bag is a must for those who would sooner be able to stand up straight once they get off their bike.

18. If you have a budding artist in the family, the Chalk Trail is a cool little bike gadget that attaches to the bicycle and leaves a chalk trail while you ride.

19. Gadgets don’t come more practical than the PopstPump Seat Post. Yes, the seat you are sitting on can be removed and used to pump up your wheels that are in need of some air.

20. We said earlier that you would never get lost again of you had your mobile phone serving as a GPS, but what if the battery dies? That needn’t happen if you have the ECOXPOWER device charger that lays down a charge using your pedals as the power source.

21. Lights are another essential accessory, but some of the models available are clunky to say the least. That is not the case with the LightSkin Seat Post, which is both sleek and bright.

22. Riding the trails can help you feel at one with nature, and you can complete that feeling by opting for a Woodgrain helmet. Just watch out for nesting birds.

23. You can lose a little stability when you have to put your hand out to signal a turn, but flashing turn signal gloves let you keep both hands on the bars while signaling your movements.

24. We would never condone drinking and riding, but the wine bottle rack is perfect if you are heading to a party with friends and need somewhere to put your bottle.

25. Things can go wrong with your bike at any given time, but the Mopha Tool Roll allows you to carry all the repair items you need in one cool looking package.

26. If you are carrying bottles of soda to drink, is there anything worse than having nothing to open them with? The Road popper takes care of that for you.

27. Need an extra level of protection for your ride? The Bike Spike attaches to your bicycle and can then be synced with your phone, alerting you as to its whereabouts at all times.

28. Allen keys are handy when you need to make minor repairs, but why be bland when you can have rainbow keys that add a splash of color?

29. If you want to take your bike trailer to the next level, consider the Bushetrekka Bicycle Trailer, which actually pops open and turns into a tent. You nature ride doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down.

30. LED lights ate bright, and the Bookman version are small and easy to attach to your bike. Very handy indeed.

31. Need to chug down an energy drink for an extra jolt of pedal power? Install the Bicycle Can Cage and you will have somewhere to hold those oversized cans.

32. A U-Lock is a great way to protect your bike, but it can be a pain to carry around. The ULock Holster makes it a snap, whilst also making you look like a cool gunslinger…YEEHAW!!

33. When the picnic basket we mentioned earlier becomes available, you might want to also add the Recycled Wool Picnic Rug so that you have somewhere to rest all that stuff.

34. Ladies have a cool bike accessory available to them in the form of a saddle bag that also doubles as a smart looking clutch.

35. If you have limited space in your home, the Convertible Bookshelf is a great idea, as it serves as a shelf, as well as a bike storage system.

36. The planter we mentioned at the start of this piece is a little discrete. If you want something more in your face, the Handlebar Vase is the way to go.

37. Color selection is a big part of choosing a bike. If you have something a little bland, why not dress it up with the uber colorful Striped Fender Set?

38. You can even match those fenders by adding colorful grip rings. They come in a variety of colors, which means you can even display a little team spirit.

39. They say that all that is old will soon be new again. If you love the classic bike aesthetic, then you will love the Bike Basket. The stick of French bread is optional.

40. Remember our hipster reference earlier? Turn your bike into the ultimate hipster by giving it a mustache. The only thing missing now is a place to store your vinyl collection.

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