Best Mini Bike Pumps Under $100

There is nothing quite like the feel of being out on your bicycle and feeling the wind and fresh air on your face.

Topeak Mini Bike PumpThat wonderful feeling of freedom can quickly turn to consternation when you discover that your ride is becoming a little rougher due to a lack of air in your bicycle tires.

There are a lot of things that you can take with you on your ride, but the one thing that you should never leave home without is a good bike pump.

There are all kinds of different styles out there, but the best bike pump is one that mounts on the frame, simply because you will never leave home without it.

Good mini bike pumps start at around $30

You can get your hands on a good bike pump without having to shell out a ton of money to do so.

A good basic air pump for your bicycle will come in at around $20, while one with a few bells and whistles, such as a pressure gauge, can be had for about $50.

You are generally in good hands when you find a pump that fits somewhere within those price points.

You may think that the ones at the lower end of the scale as being a cheap bike pump that won’t get the job done, but take a look at something like the Topeak Pocket Rocket Master Blaster Bike Pump and you will see that it gets very high marks from people who regularly use it.

Portable & frame mounted bike pumps

The type of pump that you choose pretty much comes down to personal choice, especially when it is mounted on the frame of the bike.

Some people prefer a small bicycle pump that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb on the frame, while others would rather have something a little more powerful at their disposal.

The people that fall into the latter group tend to be serious outdoorsy types who spend a lot of time out on their bike.

They need a bike pump with pressure gauge so that they can accurately measure the tire pressure on their ride.

Many of those riders also now routinely use bike trailers to haul their gear around, and the tires on those units may need air, too.

Topeak also makes bike pumps at the higher end of the price scale, as do Lezyne, who make sleek, futuristic looking pumps that are a little bit pricier, but which also deliver the sort of performance that an everyday biker looks for in a pump.

If you would rather go with something other than a frame mounted pump, those are available, too.

There is sue to be a little bit of extra space in your bike trailer, so why not put it to good use by having a good bike pump in there with all your other essential outdoor gear.

It’s a small investment to make for a piece of equipment that could save you from having to walk home!

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