Best Bike Cargo Trailers In 2021

Cargo Bicycle Trailer

There are different kinds of cargo bike trailers available. Continue your read here to find more details about the types of trailers and reasons why it is not worth saving money on cheap bicycle trailer!

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Imagine how great it would be if you had a trunk for your bike like you do for your car.

Think of how much more often you would be able to leave the car at home and take your bike instead. That is exactly what you can do with a bike cargo trailer.

You will no longer have to lug around a huge, heavy backpack that simply drags you down. Instead, you can quickly and easily attach a cargo trailer to your bike and go where you please.

There are an incredible number of styles to choose from when shopping for a brand-new cargo bicycle trailer. You can select what you need based on what it is you want to pack.

You can also get a bicycle trailer for camping and hiking gear, or you can go with a smaller, lighter model that is perfect for books or smaller items.

Best bicycle cargo trailers in 2021

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1. Aosom Wanderer

Aosom Wanderer cargo bike trailer

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2. M-Wave foldable luggage trailer

M-Wave luggage bicycle trailer

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3. Best Choice cargo trailer for bicycle

Best Choice cargo trailer for bicycle

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There are a number of things to consider when looking at the features of a bike cargo trailer.

1. Is it waterproof?

At the top of the list for many is how waterproof the material is, and how it can protect your stuff from the debris and other elements. Cheaper trailers generally aren’t designed to withstand the weather, or even the rigors of riding a less than perfect riding surface. The stronger the design, the longer the trailer will last.

2. Brand comparison

As well as the different styles, you will also find a wide variety of brands available to you. Some bike trailer brands are better recognized than others, but you still need to do some comparison shopping so that you end up with the bike cargo trailer that is the best for your specific needs.

3. Cargo capacity

You will need to look at how much cargo the trailer can hold, as well as how easy it is to attach and remove from your bike. If the trailer is complicated to attach, the less likely it is to get used.

4. Saving money

The whole idea of getting a bike trailer in the first place should be so that you can leave your car in the garage more often. Just think of the money you could save on gassing up the car, and how much simpler your life could become.

5. Health impact

When you choose a bicycle trailer for cargo that is easy to attach, and which can hold all your essential cargo, you gain independence from your car, plus you get some great health benefits thrown in.

6. Reputable shop

When it comes time to research and buy the cargo bike trailer you want, you should always deal with a reputable seller that offers all the best brands. That will allow you to get the perfect bike trailer for all your needs.

3 types of bicycle cargo trailers

1. Enclosed bicycle cargo trailers

Allen Sports Explorer Bicycle Cargo Trailer

The trailer that is most like the trunk of a car is the internal frame enclosed trailer. These models can protect your stuff from the elements, as well as from nosy types.

If you didn’t have the trailer, you would need to try and figure out a way to tie down and secure your small cargo. Instead, you can now simply throw in what you need and be on your way.

When choosing an enclosed trailer, you need to consider what it is you will most commonly be carrying. Enclosed trailers can be left open if need be, but they are definitely better served when closed, so that they can protect all your gear.

The covers that come on the trailer are generally either waterproof or water resistant.

Most of these types of trailers come with a frame, which means the chances of them being collapsible for storage purposes are pretty slim.

If you have limited space or nowhere to really store a trailer, you might be better off with a flatbed trailer, although that might means giving upon the versatility that you get with an enclosed trailer.

You may also find some enclosed trailers that have the option of a cargo rack that sits over the frame. You then have access to a greater capacity level on the inside, as you can store bigger items on the rack. Some of the trailers will also come with external cords to help you keep those bigger items in place.

You will need to take some time to properly pack your cargo, especially if it can potentially be damaged by the elements. While most trailers offer some level of protection from the rain and snow, few are 100% waterproof.

If the panels of the trailer become saturated, water will eventually find a way in. If you have gear that needs to be kept dry at all times, you may want to consider bagging it even when it’s secured in the trailer.

2. Flated cargo bike trailers

Aosom Wanderer cargo bike trailer

If it’s heavier loads you are looking to haul, a flatbed bike trailer may be the best option. They come with a choice of a solid or fabric bed, and can often haul in excess of 100 pounds.

As far as design goes, the flatbed model is a good deal simpler than other types of trailers. The only real decision that you need to make here is deciding which load bed material is best suited to what you want to haul.

The majority employ a wooden platform that features holes or rails that are in place to help you secure your load. If you are looking for something a little lighter, you might prefer a fiber-reinforced fabric base, although you will lose some of the versatility that you get with the wooden base models.

You will also need to be careful about what you carry, as items that have sharp edges may damage the fabric.

A popular feature that you will often find on flatbed bicycle cargo trailers are quick release wheels, but it’s generally the platform that most people take into consideration.

The cargo that you carry does have to be secured, so you will want a bed that accommodates hooks or cords that can tie down and secure your cargo. Sturdier flatbeds will be strong enough to hold a storage bin, which in turn will give you even more storage capacity.

You will generally find that flatbed trailers come with a pair of wheels, but there are a few that operate on a single wheel. These models don’t really have the storage capacity or flexibility of their two-wheeled counterparts, they are still flexible enough to be a good option for those looking for a design that i a little more different than the norm.

3. No bed trailers – chassis only

It’s not always possible to load up the trailer in the way that you would wish when using a flatbed model. There is an option available here, and that is to go with a chassis-only bicycle trailer that allows you to create your own custom trailer.

You might imagine that building a trailer of your own is not that hard, but it can be altogether too easy to make a mistake that ruins the integrity of the design.

With this type of trailer you get a ready-made chassis that you can add quality materials to in order to get a great looking trailer that works like a charm.

Research before buying!

As you can see, there are several different options available to you when shopping for a cargo bike trailer. It’s for this reason that you should not rush in and just purchase the first bike cargo trailer that looks nice.

Take the time to think about the cargo you are going to haul, how often you are going to use it, and where specifically you will be pulling the trailer. Do that and you will make a great choice.