Aosom Wanderer Bike Cargo / Luggage Trailer – 2019 Review

Are you looking for a reputable top of the range bike cargo trailer?

Aosom Wanderer Cargo TrailerThe Aosom Wanderer Bicycle Bike Cargo / Luggage Trailer Black is the superb solution for your search.

These Bike Cargo / Luggage Trailers are made with consideration on quality, and value for money in mind.

The trailer offers enough space to allow you to carry a considerable amount of shopping back from the mall, or groceries from the farmers market.

Quality is not compromised when building the Aosom Wanderer Bicycle Bike Cargo.

The trailer is perfectly molded with sturdy metal bottom, which guarantees durability and strength enough to haul loads of up to 110 lbs.

It is perhaps one of the best bike trailer entries you will find on any reputable bike trailer comparison discussion.

If you decide on purchasing this trailer, you will get the additional advantage of free shipping.


The Aosom Bicycle Cargo Trailer comes with outstanding offers and benefits.

Other than the black shade, you will enjoy other radiant colors, shades, and sizes too.

Once you decide on the type of work or load capacity you will be buying the trailer for, you will need to access the various dimensions of Aosom Wanderer Bicycle Bike Cargo.

aosom wanderer bike cargo trailerYou will always be assured of high performance with this trailer on different surfaces, distances, and terrain.

The trailer’s tires are sturdy, and have a rubberized grip to reduce the risks of skidding or tipping over.

The Aosom Wanderer Bicycle Bike Cargo / Luggage Trailer come with a stylish build, which is easy to hitch on to most standard bikes.

You don’t have to be a mechanic to set up this trailer on your bike: it is possible to mount it in seconds.

You won’ need any tools, and if you do, the user manual is straightforward. The fold down design makes it easy to store even in restricted spaces.

You will find the dismantled Aosom trailer easy to fit into your car’s trunk. There is a reinforced steel bar that not only consolidates balance, but also steadies the cargo while speeding on the road.

Even though the frame work is metal-steel and lightweight, it doesn’t compromise on the trailer’s capacity.

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Standout Features

The Aosom Wanderer Bicycle Bike Cargo / Luggage Trailer sports a well-balanced all-thread rod, which aligns the trailer to the bike in front.

There are lock washers and double nuts, which complement this fitting.

If you are worried about tire and tube replacements, they are easily available in case of a puncture or worn out treads.

The fold-down design is magnificent, and allows for easy storage.

The bodice is built to enhance offloading, while the detachable wheels allow you to fold it up quickly.

There are reflectors that make the Aosom Wanderer Bicycle Bike Cargo trailer visible during day or night.

This cargo trailer can work with multi-use hitch connectors, making it one of the top bicycle cargo trailer options, any day.


  • Back and wheels reflectors
  • Lightweight steel frame
  • Rock-hard PE bottom
  • Steel drawbar
  • Fold down back and side gates

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