Allen Sports Premier Aluminum 2-Child Jogger/Bike Trailer REVIEW

Are you looking for a reliable option to ease your stress, when you want your kids to tag along for a bike trip?

Allen Sports Baby Jogger / TrailerLook no further!

Tthe Allen Sports Premier aluminum 2-child jogger / bike Trailer is the ideal choice for a family day of fun on the road, without worrying about leaving the kids at home.

This child bike carrier is the answer to your quest for comfort during a leisurely bike ride any day.

And, it is not just a trailer; it conveniently converts to a stroller!

That saves you the time and hassles of worrying about your kids straying, just in case you want to hit the mall.


The Allen Sports Premium two-child bicycle trailer is more than just a stylish bike companion!

It is made to offer a number of user-friendly features, including the lightweight load on sturdy aluminum frames.

You don’t have to worry about the kids feeling bumped up and restless.

The 20-inch wheels absorb shock on any surface, leaving the young ones to laze in comfort.

Allen Sports When you need to assemble or convert it into a trailer or in a stroller mode, you will need no tools, no technical proficiency, plus you can do it in the shortest time possible.

The flexible jogger handle with an adaptable swivel wheel design adds to the ease of setting up and controlling the Jogger/Bike Trailer.

You can trust the Allen XLT2 Aluminum 2-Child Jogger and Bike Trailer to make any journey lively.

Your kids will enjoy sightseeing without interference from harsh weather, or nagging bugs, as the detachable multipurpose bug and weather shield canopy offers a safe house.

If it’s the space you are worried about, the 2-Child Jogger and Bike Trailer has enough space to accommodate two kids.

What’s more, the trailer will hold a weight load of up to 100 lb, without sagging an inch. The dug-in legroom allows your kids to lie back, and enjoy the ride.

When you want to dismount the trailer, it will be as easy as installing. The easy folding and quick release wheels make storage easier, where space is limited. Take advantage of the easy to read and understand user manual.

Features & specifications

The Allen XLT2 Aluminum 2-Child Jogger and Bike Trailer, is the ideal multi-purpose bike trailer you can get on any reliable bike trailer comparison charts.

The 16-inch and 20-inch front and rear wheels guarantee comfort for the kids riding, even on rough surfaces. You will find the universal coupler easy to attach on most standard bikes.

If you are troubled with the trailer conversion from jogger to stroller, it is easy since you can do it in seconds.

Unlike other bike carriers that are only fit for specific terrain, the suspension system on the Allen XLT2 Aluminumunit makes it reliable, even when riding on country roads.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stroller parking brakes
  • 100 lbs weight load capacity
  • Quick-release wheels
  • Universal coupler
  • Rear safety flag

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