Allen Sports Explorer Bike Cargo Trailer – 2021 Review

Allen Sports Explorer Bicycle Cargo TrailerThe new Allen Sports Explorer bicycle cargo trailer quickly converts from a lightweight steel bicycle cargo trailer to a handy pull-cart!

With the high price of gas and city roads becoming more congested than ever before, people are looking for alternative modes of transportation.

This may well explain why bicycles are no longer just the vehicle of choice for kids.

Adults are switching 4 wheels for 2 in droves, but as great as bikes are for getting around, they also come with a specific set of limitations.

One of the biggest of those is the lack of cargo space, as we all know that bikes don’t come with a built-in trunk.

There are ways around that issue, though, and a bicycle cargo trailer can solve all of your storage issues.

The beauty of bike cargo trailers is that you don’t have to make a huge financial investment in order to get that extra space.

One of the best examples of that is the Allen Sports Explorer Bicycle Cargo Trailer, which is currently available at

We will get into the pricing towards the end of this piece, but for now, let’s start out by telling you what you get for your money.

Allen Sports explorer specs

Allen Sports Trailer This is a bike trailer for cargo that can hold a surprising amount of cargo for its size.

At under 20 pounds, you really aren’t going to put in a lot of extra pedaling power when it’s attached to your bike.

The trailer dimensions come in at 31x23x7 inches, making it large enough to hold all of your stuff, yet small enough to make it easy to maneuver through tight spots.

The Allen Sports Explorer Bicycle Cargo Trailer will surprise you with how much it can hold, especially given its lightweight build.

This is a trailer with a rugged frame, allowing it to hold up to 70 pounds of cargo, making it perfect for shopping trips or a host of other great journeys you can take on your bike.

Closed top design protects your cargo

One of the biggest concerns with any trailer is making sure that your cargo is properly protected while you ride.

The Allen trailer comes with a closed top design that keeps your load secure, even when you’re riding over less than perfect terrain.

Adding an extra level of protection is the rubberized bottom of the trailer, which is made from a water resistant fabric, and which is incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

One feature that the Allen Sports Explorer Bicycle Cargo Trailer that others don’t have is the ability to be more than one thing.

The trailer has a quick release hitch that makes it easy to add and remove from your bike, but the greatest feature is that when it is unhooked, it can be used as a pull-cart.

This is a great option for those who want to park their bike and take their cargo with them afterwards, such as with a picnic, etc.

With all of these features and ease of use, you would probably expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars for this unit.

The regular price is indeed $199.99, which we believe is a price that is more than fair, but you can get it at different online stores right now for just $150.

That is an incredible price for a trailer that delivers all kinds of freedom for the average cyclist.


  1. jon deaux says

    It would be helpful to know the weight capacity of the trailer, and if the top can be removed to let larger items be carried.

  2. Robert says

    it says it carries 70lbs and you can tell from the pictures that the zipper goes all the way around.

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